Spotsu makes
the world interactive.

Custom tailored solution enables people to interact with space to report, to request, to share feedback and much more.

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Own relationship with your customers

Even in Covid times, don't give up relationship with customers.
Have digital channel for customers to order, pay and rate.
All data and transactions are yours, no commissions to middle-men.

"To-go" spots

- for regular and new customers

- printed menus made digital

- order with delivery or pick-up

- great user experience for customers

- simple workflow for restaurant staff

- integrated delivery service

Office lunch

- have dedicated places where you deliver

- can be an office nearby

- put your branded poster there

- let people to order individually

- deliver all at once at noon

get it for 40 EUR / month

Smart city ... really smart

Spotsu can deliver smart city features without big investments into infrastructure.
In other words, do smart city in a smart way - lean, agile and pragmatic.

Report waste container is full, something to repair in the park or just rate experience at selected places.
Give people an option to interact.


Spot on every container or bin.

Report it's full, damaged ... etc.

Built-in dashboard for responsible staff.

Or integrated with vendor's systems.


Digitize all municipal furniture.

Lamps, benches, parks, stops .. etc.

All can have its own unique spot for:

reporting issue, rating satisfaction ...

Digital board

Official municipality board.

Culture, sport .. and other evets.

Synced from existing sources, like web.

Real time updates all around the city.

Citizen card

Personal citizen card.

Info about important events.

Townhalls, election, local team match.

Option to personalize based on auth.

Pay the fees, rate proposal ...

Get your city smart with Spotsu

For every organisation

Spotsu can digitize common agenda and help you track satisfaction at your branches.
It's lightweight solution not requiring complicate and single-purpose hardware.


Configure what we call "branches."

Remote offices or just departments in one building.

Let people rate satisfaction or access relevant information.


Replace your old-school paper log or expensive tablets.

Reduce queuing, each visitor self-registers.

Allow hosts to pre-register and visitors to check-in.

Fast, secure, centrally managed.


Let employees to track their coming and leaving by single tap.

Geo-fenced for better security.

Simple Excel export for HR, or integrated with payroll system.


Enhance pigeon holes with notification capability.

No-registration needed - one tap even for random user.

Notify recipient or postbox owner that there is something waiting for them.

Drive efficiency, reduce idle time, improve user experience.

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How to use Spotsu

Just two steps, you are done in couple of seconds.

1st step

Find Spotsu spot and scan it.

2nd step

Click on one of the predefined actions.

Fully functional in all mobile web browsers. Enhanced with our Spotsu app.

Spotsu makes difference

We are proud to mention some of our clients that selected Spotsu as an enabler of digitization.

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